If you’ve paid any attention to online media lately, you would know that video is the king of the multimedia game right now. You see it everywhere. Modern society has become used to and even expect to be presented with information visually. Video does a good job of facilitating learning and understanding because people learn in different ways. You can grab people’s attention by graphics and sounds and engage audiences so they will spend more time with the messages you are giving them.

YouTube is popular and it is the place to be if you have an interesting message to get out to people. Your readers want to get to know you if you create interesting stories. They’ll want to know what makes you tick and where you get your ideas from. So appease your fans by making a short video featuring you talking to the camera about the ways that your book can help other people or provide entertainment. You can talk about the important information in the book to get more people to buy your book.

You can show a link to your website at the end of the video. It’s all about building traffic and getting people to your website. Share your video on your YouTube channel, include posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Videos have the potential to go viral very easily and you can use this as a marketing tool to your heart’s content.

Professor Hallahan has said that a good video attracts attention, entices audiences to view it to its conclusion, and prompts a desired action. The most popular videos online have the following qualities:

  • Entertainment
  • Oddity/offbeat
  • Inspiration
  • Shock value
  • Sensuality
  • Demonstration
  • Personal stories
  • Instruction
  • Curiosity/intrigue
  • Famous people
  • Human interest
  • Fun or humorous

Include one of these elements and you are sure to have results.

Some authors have effectively created book trailers to get interest built for their books. It works just like a movie trailer and get readers for their books. Some of the book trailers are professionally filmed and edited and look even more engaging than movies. Take a look at this video below.