After getting the basics done, cover design and professional editing, we can move on to the more important aspect of digital promotion. First let’s talk about social networking sites. I’d like to devote the next couple of posts to a few sites that work well with authors. The first one is—you’ve guessed it—Facebook. You will need a Facebook author page because this is an essential part of your online promotion. If people can’t find you on Facebook, they will quickly start to question your validity and seriousness of your wanting to be a writer. The new digital world is about connecting with others.

If you don’t know how to make a Facebook page, all you have to do is to log on to your regular personal Facebook page and look at the left column. There is a category that says pages and below that is a subcategory that says create page. Super easy! Start right away to make a page people will be attracted to.

As a writer, I know you are a reader, and if you aren’t, you should be. When reading, haven’t you ever wondered about the author? What was he thinking when writing a particular scene? What kind of writing schedule does he keep? What is his favorite book? With a Facebook page, fans can stay directly in contact with authors without going through his agent or book publishing company. When you connect with your fans in this way, you can create readers for life.

Traditional publishers highly encourage authors to have a Facebook page, so here I am encouraging you to do the same thing. You might think that Facebook is just for connecting with friends, but it has a huge promotional value that is better than traditional advertising. If the most well-known authors have Facebook pages, so should you. This will allow you to build your brand as an author and quickly build fans. It will serve as a place where you can host giveaways and contests and talk directly to readers. There is a plethora of information out there as to how to connect with Facebook fans. The potential is enormous as to what this site can do for you. Take advantage of it!